About Us - The Ninja Family

We have the rare honour of being a company where each member is married and well settled

Schogini was able to gather in one place some of the most talented people in these fields. We care about doing high quality work for our clients. Schogini has been recognized by top experts and personalities as one of the best companies in the world in its industry. Our efforts were recognized by political personalities like the US president and the UK prime minister.

Schogini is the first and only company with more than 500 live mobile apps in the locations that matter. We can deliver high quality apps on any mobile platform. Our clients are both big and small companies. Some of its most important clients are: Nescafe, Watch My Health, Sylvania, Kenya Airways, KLM, The Art Of Living, Bristol-Myers Squibb and many others.

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    Sreeprakash N

    Founder Ninja
  • Gayatri S AJith

    Gayatri Ajith

    Cloud Ninja
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    Ajith G

    eComm Ninja
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    Abhijith VG

    Mobility Ninja

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    Shajir K

    Techy Ninja
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    Rajeev Pillai

    Web Ninja
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    Shinu S

    Social Ninja
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    Juhi Ranjith

    Coding Ninja

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    Lito S

    Creative Ninja
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    Salih M

    Brainy Ninja
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    Career 4U

    Ninja Wanted
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    Career 4U

    Ninja Wanted

Our Skills

We have one of world's first Zend PHP5 Certified and Magento Certified
professionals amongst our team of engineers. We are well equipped to
act as your own research and development team.

HTML5/CSS3 95%
JS 80%
Design 70%
J2EE 75%
AWS 80%
IOS 95%
SEO 80%

Our Products

Schogini has a range of ready to use technology solutions to choose from. Should you wish to create custom products for your specific needs please feel free to contact us.

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    Restaurant Menu

    Highly Customizable and Interactive Restaurant App

    Easy to use and highly customizable app from award winning app development team. It brings your menu to life with vivid up to date images and interactive user experience.

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    Java eCommerce

    Open-source Extensible Ecommerce Architecture

    Open-source fully extensible ecommerce architecture for the enterprise using J2EE, Spring MVC, Spring Security with OAUTH2, Hibernate, Bootstrap/AngularUI, AngularJS that can run in TomCat or JBoss Servers.

    Learn more
  • $

    Payment Modules

    For Magento, Prestashop and OpenCart

    Schogini is the world's largest payment gateway integrators. While continually updating these modules, we also add new payment options each month. Should you need a custom payment module remember to contact us.

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Our Services

Schogini is an end-to-end, technology solution provider in electronics and software development. Be it enterprise development, ecommerce, high speed hosting, website design or electronics design, our years of experience will give you an edge over the rest!

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    iOS Apps Development

    For iPhone & iPad

    Schogini is the creator of award winning game Khet 2.0: The Laser Game. In addition, Schogini has created over five hundred apps for the iOS (iPhone and iPad) platform.

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    Android Apps Development

    For Android Devices

    From educational to business apps. Schogini can harness the power of Android to create custom solutions.

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    Web Apps

    Java & PHP Development

    Schogini has more than 15 years of experience in web technologies. We have always been on the cutting edge of web technologies since 1997.

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    Magento eCommerce

    End to End Shop Setup

    Schogini is the world's largest payment gateway integrators. We can cater to your shop setup needs like none other can.

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    Custom Interfaces

    Electronics Design

    Electronics with anything. Schogini has the capabillity to interface any electronic system with other electronics or software setup.

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    Enterprise Java


    Schogini can develop high performance business applications that suit large to medium enterprises.

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    Software and Hardware

    Schogini can bring your ideas to life. Our custom prototyping service can help you to design and prototype your ideas from scratch.

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    Cloud Hosting

    Amazon AWS Architecture

    Schogini can make your websites load lightning fast. With our vast experience in the area of cloud architecture, we can provide scalable cloud hosting.

Our Customers Speak

At Schogini, we have customers who are with us for more than 10 years!
This is a very rare thing to find in this fast paced, fast changing world of technology.

I just want to thank you for the 1-Click Magento Shop Clone module. I have been using a clone script that I wrote myself in Perl that mostly worked, but was very complicated to use. I am very happy to have a professionally developed and supported module to do this. It is an excellent Christmas present! Wishing you a happy and successful New Year.


It’s not often CEOs express their appreciation. Unfortunately many folks assume “all-is-well” and focus more on negative efforts. I just want to take some time to articulate our appreciation for what you stand for. You are a most diligent employee. Wish we had you under the Hadar Diamonds umbrella. Will turn to you for any future needs. Keep up the good work! ~MANY THANKS

Gerry Hauser Gemologist

The FirstData API Payment Module was very easy to install, and your tech support was incredibly fast (got back to me in ten minutes) regarding a minor problem I had with the .pem file. I wish you guys sold more Magento mods because I'd definitely give you my business

Bob Simmons Warrior Mist

The Linkpoint gateway payment works perfectly with our online merchant (First Data). The module is an "install-it, forget-it" kind of deal. Once installed, you'll have no problem, or reason to give it a second thought. It just works! Has worked flawlessly for 18 months. Your quick responses to support questions are TRULY appreciated and I've posted favorable reviews wherever I've seen opportunity to give praise.

Sean Sanders www.woksfordinner.com

I've recommended Schogini to a number of my friends and associates.

Jerry Brown Essex Systems

Have been a long time client over 10 years. I was stuck once way up in a very small village. There was only one phone line in this village. I was unable to download my emails which very important to my business. I contacted the support folks and they fixed the problem for me right away. Even calling me on the one phone to make sure everything was ok for my business. This is just one of many examples why I love these guys.

Tandy Wallack Circumpolar Expeditions

I have hosted with and used Schogini's services for over 10 years. In that time there is not one instance that I have not been satisfied. Their communication is excellent and have always been professional. Highly recommended.

Ray Harper SurfTheValley.com

We have been with Schogini since 1997. There service and support is of the highest quality and their prices are very reasonable. Highly recommended! Uptime is great - customer support is the best!

Ray Rockholt The Penny Smasher

I'm always amazed at the service and support I receive. Schogini has consistently understood what I'm asking, can explain what is going wrong in a way that I understand, and then provide accurate procedures to fix the problem. I always appreciate Schogini's prompt response, not only for server sided problems, but also for times when I'm at fault (incorrect email settings, fttp setup, etc.). Special thanks to Anil, who personally handles a lot of my dilemas!

Tom Hibi Tom's English Services, Japan

You provide some of the most responsive customer service i've ever encountered. Every email was answers within a few hours


Awards and Certifications

Since our inception in the year 1997, we have been consistently enriching ourselves professionally to be on the edge of technology. On several occasions individuals and institutions have added jewels in our crown by acknowledging our products and services.

WebHost Directory has awarded Schogini's hosting service as the best in the world five times.
Schogini's technology, showcased at the International Seminar of Disaster Management 2012 was adjudged as the fourth best by UN representative amongst numerous stalls. Schogini was the only private sector company to have received this top recognition.
We have one of the world's first Zend PHP5 Certified engineer.
We have one of world's first Magento Developer Plus Cetified Professional.
iOS App created by us called the Altruicity was the runner up in the competition.
App created by our intern Unmesh received the best Android app.
Our app is featured in ‘The Digital ToolBox for Electric Engineers: 101 Top Apps’, by Electrical Engineering Schools.

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